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Update 1.0.1 released in beta testing
by admin on 26/04/2020


  • fixed error when adding new servers
  • removed invalid property from MapChangeRequest Admin class
  • fixed FontAwesome bug on Opera browser and some phones
  • added missing translation texts
  • fixed bug when trying to enable user from list
  • fixed VueJS error on "Add server" page. After you selected a game, port was not filled.


  • increased search box for /servers & /players
  • responsive breadcrumbs
  • entire site is now mobile friendly (improvements like: hidded player stats from latest servers added, payments page is friendly on mobile, hide forum icons on mobile screens, player's page is mobile friendly)
  • refactored return method for paypal payments
  • decreased all dynamic texts from 30 or more to 25 or 20 characters
  • removed legacy files from a started, but never finished feature


  • Added new game: TeamSpeak 3
  • Added new game: Arma 3
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